UZI Premium Nickel Finish Leg Irons

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Product Summary

UZI leg irons, trusted by the Army and Special Forces, feature a double-locking mechanism, raised rivet construction, a 16'' twist chain, and 23 locking positions. Comes in a nickel finish. Ideal for security and law enforcement officials.

Ships from: MI

Country of Origin: CN



UZI Premium Nickel Finish Leg Irons - Trusted by Army, Secret Service & Special Forces | Double-Locking, 23 Locking Positions, 16'' Twist Chain

Exceptional Quality and Construction

Secure your suspects effectively with UZI Leg Irons. These restraint devices are unrivaled in quality, featuring raised rivet construction that ensures durability and reliability even in the harshest conditions. They come with an elegant nickel finish that provides a professional appearance, consistent with the world-renowned UZI brand.

Superior Design for Enhanced Security

Every element of these leg irons has been meticulously designed to maximize restraint security. The 16" twist chain provides optimal length for safe and effective detainment, while the 23 locking positions enable flexible yet secure placement. The double-locking mechanism, a standout feature, guarantees unwavering security, preventing tampering or accidental release.

Trusted by Professional Security Forces

UZI Leg Irons are favored by esteemed organizations such as the Army, Secret Service, and Special Forces, proof of their superior functionality and reliability. These dependable restraints are also perfect for Police Officers, Court Bailiffs, Corrections Officers, Probation Officers, State Troopers, Sheriff's Deputies, Detectives, Security Guards, Armed Security Officers, Bounty Hunters/Bail Enforcement personnel, Military personnel, Police Academy Recruits, and Loss Prevention Agents. Known for innovative and advanced technical concepts, UZI continues to lead in delivering top-tier security and defense products.

Key Features:

  • Raised Rivet Construction
  • Double-Locking Mechanism
  • 16” Twist Chain
  • 23 Locking Positions
  • Utilized by the Army, Secret Service, and Special Forces
  • Ideal for various roles in law enforcement and security

Whether restraining someone for security reasons or for safe transport, the UZI Leg Irons provide an exceptional level of security and peace of mind. Respected worldwide as a leading manufacturer of security and defense equipment, UZI continues to live up to its reputation. Enhance your efficiency and authority; order the UZI Leg Irons today. Trust in a brand that has been tested and proven by professionals and ensure superior security for all your duties. UPC 024718926148 MPN UZI-HC-LEG

UZI Premium Nickel Finish Leg Irons

$32.95 $50.00 $17.05 Off