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Under Armour UA Assist 2 Sunglasses

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Product Summary

The Under Armour UA Assist 2 Sunglasses are ideal for emergency service personnel, offering enhanced traction, lightweight design, superior comfort, and durability. Made with 50% recycled materials for sustainable practice.

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Country of Origin: CN



Under Armour UA Assist 2 Sunglasses
Introducing the Under Armour UA Assist 2 – your reliable partner in the line of duty. Crafted to meet the demands of police officers, EMS, firefighters, and paramedics, these shoes are more than footwear; they are an essential tool for those who serve and protect. Designed for exceptional performance and comfort, the UA Assist 2 is engineered to support you during the most challenging situations. Its innovative technology ensures superior traction, allowing you to navigate various terrains with confidence. The lightweight and breathable construction keep your feet cool, even during extended shifts. The reinforced toe cap provides added protection, crucial in emergency scenarios. Meanwhile, the cushioned midsole reduces foot fatigue, ensuring you stay on your feet and at your best for longer durations. Whether you're responding to a crisis, rushing to an accident site, or standing by during a critical moment, these shoes have your back – or rather, your feet. Under Armour understands that every second counts, and the UA Assist 2 reflects that commitment. The durable materials and thoughtful design make these shoes a reliable companion, ready to assist you in your duty to keep the community safe. Choose the Under Armour UA Assist 2 and experience the fusion of performance, comfort, and durability. Elevate your service and face your responsibilities head-on with the confidence that your footwear won't let you down. Because when duty calls, you need a partner you can rely on – and these shoes are ready to answer.
  • Tritan Renew injected front & temple with rubber sleeve made with up to 50% recycled materials
  • Rubber non-slip nose pads
  • Auto-lock stop hinge for a secure fit.
827886581238 UAASSIST2 00VK-Z0 SFO-UAASSIST200VK-Z0 Matte Black Blue Mirror Y
827886581245 UAASSIST2 0807-Z9 SFO-UAASSIST20807-Z9 Shiny Black Emerald Mirror Y
827886581221 UAASSIST2 0003-IR SFO-UAASSIST20003-IR Matte Black Gray Y

Under Armour UA Assist 2 Sunglasses

$90.00 $95.99 $5.99 Off