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Skarr Armor® Ceramic NIJ III rifle plate 6" x 8" SPC-03

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Skarr Armor® Ceramic NIJ III rifle plate 6" x 8" SPC-03

  • Stand Alone panel, not ICW (in conjunction with), which means you don't need to wear a IIIA vest behind it to achieve the NIJ III protection level.
  • 40% lighter than the same size AR500 steel plates
  • Protects you from any caliber listed under NIJ Level I, II, IIA, and IIIA, up to 7.62x51(308), in conjunction with a NIJ IIIA body armor
  • Multi-hit capable, advanced construction technique allows the panel to maintain its integrity after being shot multiple times.
  • Ballistic performance enhanced by the latest development in silicon carbide, way better and safer than regular metal plates.  Metal plates could create ricochet and shrapnel sometimes can kill or severely injure the wearer or the person next to the wearer.  Even with the so-called coatings, there is no guarantee for zero ricochet.
  • Durable black coating encapsulates plate and protects from surface nicks and scratches
  • Curved design makes for optimum fit
  • Size is approx. 6 inch x 8 inch x 0.75 inch
  • Weight: approx 3lb
  • Easy cleaning with a damp cloth to clean and refresh
  • Almost no ricocheting of the bullet upon impact, reduces secondary injuries to your face, arms, legs and someone standing next to you!

Skarr Armor® Ceramic NIJ III rifle plate 6" x 8" SPC-03

$135.00 $149.99 $14.99 Off
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