Sirchie Frosted Fingerprint Lifting Tape 2" x 360" in 145L2

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Product Summary

The Sirchie Frosted Lifting Tape 2" x 360" in 145L2 is the industry's best tape for lifting prints. Exclusively made by Sirchie, this pressure-wound, heat-treated tape ensures even adhesive distribution, leaving no gaps or voids.

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Sirchie Premium Frosted Fingerprint Lifting Tape 2" x 360" in 145L2 - Perfectly Crafted for Flawless Fingerprint Lifts – Ideal for Law Enforcement & Forensic Professionals

Superior Quality and Exceptional Performance

The Sirchie Frosted Lifting Tape is considered to be the best lifting tape available in the industry, setting the benchmark for quality and performance. Made exclusively by Sirchie, it stands unrivaled in its category. The 2" x 360" 145L2 variant offers unmatched efficiency in lifting powdered prints. What sets it apart is the even distribution of adhesive, thanks to the heat treatment and pressure winding process. This ensures your prints lift without any fish-eyes. There are no voids or gaps, ensuring complete prints every time. Fine-tune your operations by choosing the size and finish that suits your needs.
  • Unparalleled quality, crafted by Sirchie, industry leaders
  • Heat-treated and pressure-wound for excellent adhesion
  • No fish-eyes, voids, or gaps for perfect print lifts
  • Available in both transparent and frosted finishes

Well-packaged for Convenient Storage and Usage

After lifting the prints, this frosted lifting tape can be effortlessly mounted on our rigid vinyl or coated paper backing sheets, ensuring optimal preservation of the evidence. All 1” tapes come in dust-free plastic bags, while other sizes are packaged in dust-free plastic jars for convenient storage and handling. All sizes are wound on standard 1” cores which are fully compatible with the Sirchie lifting tape dispensers. Sirchie offers you a comprehensive solution for your evidence-gathering process.
  • Easy mounting on rigid vinyl or coated paper backing sheets
  • Dust-free packaging for safe storage and handling
  • Compatible with Sirchie lifting tape dispensers
  • Variants in different sizes to suit diverse needs

A Must-Have for Law Enforcement Professionals

This Frosted Lifting tape, with its exceptional performance, caters to the needs of law enforcement professionals effectively. Whether you're a Police Officer, Sheriff's Deputy, Detectives, Probation Officers, State Troopers, Military Police, Police Academy Recruits, Forensic Evidence Technicians, or a Private Investigator, the Sirchie Frosted Lifting Tape is your dependable companion in collecting and preserving crucial evidence with precision.
  • Great for use by dedicated law enforcement professionals
  • Reliable aid in collecting and preserving evidence
  • Suitable for a wide range of professionals from police to private investigators
In a profession where detailed evidence can make the difference, trust in Sirchie Frosted Lifting Tape. Invest in accuracy, invest in precision, invest in dependability - purchase a roll today!

Sirchie Frosted Fingerprint Lifting Tape 2" x 360" in 145L2

$9.95 $10.75 $0.80 Off
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