Sirchie EZ-PEEL Tape Red "Evidence" EZ10002

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Product Summary

Sirchie's E-Z Peel Evidence Tape is an undetectable, red "Evidence" imprinted tape for securing crime scenes. Its matte acetate base is layered with a permanent adhesive. Providing tamper-proof evidence integrity, its pre-scored backing ensures easy removal. The dispenser is complimentary with the purchase of 6 rolls.

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Sirchie EZ-PEEL Red "Evidence" Integrity Tape with Pre-Scored Backing & Tamper-Proof Adhesive - Perfect for Secure Evidence Sealing - A Must-Have for Law Enforcement and Forensic Experts

The Sirchie EZ-PEEL Tape Red "Evidence" EZ10002 is a top-of-the-line evidence tape specially designed to ensure uncompromised integrity during evidence collection. The tape features a matte acetate base that can be written on with a pencil or pen. This surface is coated with a permanent, quick-setting acrylic adhesive that is impervious to most removal attempts. Additionally, the tape is tailored with 3/16” slits at 1/4” intervals to improve its tear ability. The dual-serrated edges provide additional assurance of integrity.

Unique Design and High Customizability

The tape’s top surface is successfully imprinted in stunning translucent red ink, then overprinted with an opaque black "EVIDENCE" identifier or your agency’s custom imprint. Its design also permits it to break and come off in irregular strips if an attempt is made to remove it, coupled with its color changes when solvents are applied. This enhances its role as a tampering-proof seal. The tape is also incredibly versatile, with a width of 1 1/2” and a thickness of 0.001", it comes with a 1” core and is backed with sturdy 50 lb. stock Kraft liner.

Special Offer and Broad Range of Applications

Every order of 6 rolls of this E-Z Peel Evidence Tape comes with a complimentary E-Z Peel Tape Dispenser, making it a fantastic value for money. This Dispenser is engineered from robust molded ABS plastic and is conveniently fitted with a handy built-in belt clip. Moreover, this evidence tape is perfect for a wide range of security and law enforcement professionals such as Police Officers, Corrections Officers, Probation Officers, State Troopers, Sheriff's Deputies, Detectives, Security Guards, Military Police, Police Academy Recruits, Forensic evidence technicians, Private Investigators, Loss Prevention Agents.

Key Features:

  • 108ft roll on a 1" diameter core for use with our E-Z Peel Tape Dispenser (No. STD100)
  • Serrated edge and ultra-thin (0.001" thick) acetate
  • Split backing makes peeling easy
  • Matte acetate base permits writing
  • Permanent acrylic adhesive that defies removal
  • Tamper-evident design
The Sirchie EZ-PEEL Tape Red "Evidence" EZ10002 is an indispensable tool for maintaining integrity and preventing tampering. Order yours today and experience reliable and meticulous evidence collection like never before.

Sirchie EZ-PEEL Tape Red "Evidence" EZ10002

$19.95 $21.55 $1.60 Off
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