Sabre Frontiersman INSIDER Bear Safe

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Product Summary

The Sabre Frontiersman INSIDER Bear Safe FBS-100, with an 11.86L capacity, is ideal for multi-day hikes. Its ergonomic shape enhances space efficiency and hiking posture. Crafted from durable polypropylene, it resists a grizzly bear's attempt for 60 minutes, featuring a pressure-release valve and secure locking mechanism.

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Experience Unbeatable Outdoors Protection with the Sabre Frontiersman INSIDER FBS-100 Bear Safe - A Must-Have Camping Accessory for Securing Your Essentials

Meet the Sabre Frontiersman INSIDER Bear Safe FBS-100, an indispensable accessory for your outdoor adventures. Tailored with an eye for detail, this bear-safe is built using a sturdy, malleable, no-break polypropylene material capable of withstanding an hour of a grizzly bear's assault. The bear-safe's design incorporates a smart locking mechanism that allows you to easily access its contents while making it impossible for a bear to pry open. Safeguard your camping essentials and nourishment from wild creatures and enjoy a worry-free outdoor experience.

Roomy and Versatile

Efficient space utilization is integral to an excellent outdoor experience. With a generous storage capacity of 11.86L, equivalent to 734.64 cubic inches, the Frontiersman INSIDER Bear Safe FBS-100 provides ample room to stash food and other essentials for multi-day hikes with family or friends. Its intelligent, ergonomic tapered design not only maximizes space but also comfortably fits inside backpacks ensuring you don't have to compromise on what you carry or your mobility.

Innovative Design for Greater Efficiency

One of the unique features of the Sabre Frontiersman INSIDER Bear Safe is the integrated pressure-release valve, a standout innovation that automatically regulates and adjusts airflow when a bear applies force on it. This feature adds an extra layer of protection, guarding your supplies from bear attacks. Additionally, the safe's ergonomic design helps redistribute weight and aligns with the hiker's center of gravity, promoting better posture and energy conservation while trekking through wilderness terrains.

Key Features

  • Designed with a durable, no-break polypropylene material that can resist 60 minutes of a grizzly bear's attempt to crush or break open the safe.
  • Contains a user-friendly, bear-proof locking mechanism.
  • Boasts a storage capacity of 11.86L/734.64 cubic inches – ideal for multi-day hikes.
  • Ergonomic tapered design for a better fit inside backpacks and efficient weight distribution.
  • Features an integrated pressure-release valve for additional safeguarding.
  • Contributes to better posture and energy conservation while hiking.

UPC 023063954448 MPN FBS-100

Sabre Frontiersman INSIDER Bear Safe

$70.95 $79.99 $9.04 Off