Sabre 1.33% MC 16.0 oz PHANTOM Evaporating Fog Delivery (MK-9) 92PTM60

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Product Summary

The Sabre Red Phantom OC MK-9 Fogger Spray is a non-lethal 16.0 oz riot control pepper spray with a 1.33% MC. It adopts an evaporating fog delivery method, perfect for avoiding cross-contamination in confined areas.

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Sabre Red 1.33% MC 16.0 oz Phantom OC MK-9: Advanced Evaporating Fog Pepper Spray for Superior Crowd Control - Non-Flammable, UV-reactive, & PSI Accuracy Tested - Ideal for Law Enforcement, Security, & Self-Defense

The Sabre Red Phantom OC MK-9 Fogger Spray is not just ordinary pepper spray. This potent, non-lethal solution has been meticulously designed for effective riot control in confined areas. Traditional pepper sprays deployed indoors often raise cross-contamination issues, inadvertently inflaming instead of calming volatile situations. But the Sabre Red Phantom formula uses an innovative evaporation-delivery system, releasing a penetrating fog that quickly dissipates, leaving no residual contamination.

Powerful and Accurate Delivery System

There's undeniable strength in the Red Phantom formula. It boasts a 10% OC concentration alongside 1.33% major capsaicinoids, packing the punch necessary to incapacitate even the most aggressive adversaries. The Sabre MK-9 goes beyond typical spray canisters with its intuitive pistol-style handle design, letting users maintain a strong, natural grip for precise and rapid deployment in high-stress scenarios. Along with the powerful fog delivery, Sabre incorporates UV-reactive dye into all its sprays, providing a simple yet effective means of suspect identification post-deployment.

Safety-Tested, and Ready for Action

You can have full confidence in this product, backed by comprehensive safety testing including eye, skin, and inhalation tests. The non-flammable formula is EID compatible and each unit passes a rigorous PSI accuracy test before it leaves the factory. The Sabre Red Phantom OC MK-9 Fogger Spray proves the perfect fit for a range of professionals, from Police Officers, Riot Police, Corrections Officers, and State Troopers, to Security Guards, Armed Security Officers, and Sheriff’s Deputies. Military personnel, Bounty Hunters/Bail Enforcement officers, Police Academy Recruits, and self-defenders will also find this tool indispensable for their safety needs.

Key Features:

  • Powerful 10% OC with 1.33% major capsaicinoids
  • Evaporating fog delivery reduces cross-contamination
  • UV-reactive dye enables easy suspect identification
  • Non-flammable and EID-compatible
  • Rigorously tested for safety and accuracy
  • User-friendly pistol-style handle for quick deployment

Don’t compromise on safety. Equip yourself with the Sabre Red Phantom OC MK-9 Fogger Spray, a reliable, powerful, non-lethal solution. A choice of champions for riot control and personal defense. Shop now and ensure safety at your fingertips.  

Sabre 1.33% MC 16.0 oz PHANTOM Evaporating Fog Delivery (MK-9) 92PTM60

$75.95 $91.50 $15.55 Off
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