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Real Avid Smart-Jaws™ – Tube-Fit™ Sleeves for Master Gun Vise® AVSFJPF

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Product Summary

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The Real Avid SMART-JAWS Tube-Fit Sleeves are versatile tools that secure cylindrical objects with precision. Their dual-sided, metal and rubberized V surfaces provide an unyielding grip for handling delicate suppressors or tough tubing on the Master Gun Vise.

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Revolutionary Dual-Sided Tube-Fit Sleeves by Real Avid Smart-Jaws: Precision Grip for Master Gun Vise & Cylindrical Objects, Adaptable To Various Sizes - Unyielding & Non-Damaging
Revolutionary Dual-Sided Tube-Fit Sleeves by Real Avid Smart-JawsThe Real Avid Smart-Jaws presents their revolutionary Dual-Sided Tube-Fit Sleeves for Master Gun Vise. These upgraded vise jaws are specifically engineered for ultimate precision and ease when working with cylindrical objects including suppressors, PVC, cast-iron pipe, and all types of tubing. The product assures an unyielding grip on any material, without causing any damage.

Dual-Sided Design for Versatile Gripping

Equipped with two distinct gripping surfaces, the Smart-Jaws Tube-Fit Sleeves allow for adaptive use with different materials. The dual-sided design consists of a rubberized V-shaped surface ideal for handling delicate items such as suppressors. This surface offers a non-damaging and heat-resistant support that firmly grips without compromising the object's integrity. For sturdier and robust materials like cast-iron pipe or steel tubing, simply flip the product to reveal an ultimate vise-like grip that securely holds the material in place.

Compatibility and Size Handling

Designed exclusively for use with Master Gun Vise, these sleeves flawlessly fit and function, holding up to 3.75" diameters. The adaptability of the Smart-Jaws Tube-Fit Sleeves allows them to hold various sizes of cylindrical objects during maintenance or modification tasks. Effectively flipping between the dual sides is a breeze - just reverse them! No need for elaborate procedures or additional tools.

Precision Engineering and Quality Construction

Crafted with precision engineering and top-tier materials, the Smart-Jaws Tube-Fit Sleeves offer a non-damaging grip that's built to last. The soft jaw design, built to handle high levels of pressure, has ample torquing power to loosen even the tightest fits safely. The product stands as a testimony of meticulous planning and advanced engineering, promising enhanced performance with every use.

Key Features:

  • Dual-sided design: Offers two distinct gripping surfaces tailored for different applications.
  • Rubberized V-shaped surface: Provides non-marring and heat-resistant support, ideal for delicate items like suppressors.
  • Metal V-shaped surface: Delivers an ultimate vise-like grip on robust materials such as cast-iron pipe or steel tubing where marring is not a concern.
  • Compatibility with Master Gun Vise®: Designed specifically to be used with the Master Gun Vise, ensuring seamless integration and use.
  • Versatility in size handling: Can effectively hold up to 3.75″ diameters, making it adaptable for various sizes of cylindrical objects.
  • Easy reversal feature: Allows quick switching between both sides according to your project’s demands without needing additional tools or complicated procedures.
  • Non-damaging grip: Ensures secure handling while providing maximum grip without causing any damage to the object being worked upon.
  • Ample torquing power: The soft jaw design applies sufficient torquing power necessary to loosen even the tightest fits safely.
  • High-quality material construction: Made from durable materials that can withstand high levels of pressure exerted by hardy round objects like pipes and tubes.
  • Precision engineering product: A result of meticulous planning and advanced engineering techniques that ensure superior performance every time you use it.
Dual-sided design for versatile gripping- Rubberized surface for non-marring and heat-resistant support- Metal V-shaped surface for an ultimate vise-like grip- Compatible with Master Gun Vise®- Versatile size handling of up to 3.75″ diameters- Convenient reversal feature for swift interchange- Non-damaging grip with sufficient torquing power- Built from high-quality material resistant to high levels of pressure- Result of meticulous planning and advanced engineering Add this game-changing tool to your collection today, and redefine how you handle cylindrical objects with the Smart-Jaws Tube-Fit Sleeves for Master Gun Vise. Get yours now and experience the difference! UPC: 813119014741 MPN: AVSFJPF  

Real Avid Smart-Jaws™ – Tube-Fit™ Sleeves for Master Gun Vise® AVSFJPF

$44.99 $47.99 $3.00 Off