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Private Security Officer Shield Badge Silver/Gold BA38

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Product Summary

The Private Security Officer Shield Badge BA38 is a professional and customizable badge designed for security personnel. It features a silver and gold design with the text "Officer Private Security" in blue, a central US flag image, and options for personal ID engraving. Measuring 3 ⅜" x 2 ⅜", this badge combines functionality with a patriotic and authoritative look, suitable for a wide range of security roles.

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Distinguished Professionalism: The Private Security Officer Shield Badge

In the world of private security, presenting an image of authority and professionalism is paramount. The Private Security Officer Shield Badge, model BA38, is an exemplary piece of professional identification that stands out for its distinctive design and craftsmanship. Meticulously constructed, this badge combines both aesthetic appeal and functional excellence, making it an ideal choice for security personnel who aim to project confidence and authority. The badge features an elegant silver base with contrasting gold panels, highlighting the text "Officer Private Security" prominently displayed in striking blue. This design not only enhances visibility but also ensures that the badge is easily recognizable, a crucial factor in security-related interactions.

Exceptional Design and Customization

Measuring 3 ⅜" x 2 ⅜", the BA38 badge is designed to fit perfectly on a blazer, shirt, or outerwear, maintaining a balance between prominence and subtlety. The size is specifically chosen to ensure that it is noticeable without being cumbersome, ideal for daily wear by security officers. One of the most notable features of this badge is the central image of the US flag, which adds a layer of respect and patriotism to the bearer’s presentation. Furthermore, the badge offers an option for personalization; individuals can have up to four characters engraved on it. This feature allows for customization to display unique ID codes or initials, enhancing the personal touch while also adhering to security protocols.

Key Features and Durability

This badge is not only visually appealing but also built to withstand the rigorous demands of a security officer's daily activities. The materials used in its construction are chosen for both their beauty and their resilience, ensuring that the badge remains in pristine condition even with frequent use.

Key Features:

  • Professional Design: Silver badge adorned with gold panels, featuring the text "Officer Private Security" in blue, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and visibility.
  • Customizable ID: Offers an engraving option for personal or professional identification, accommodating up to four characters.
  • Optimal Size: With dimensions of 3 ⅜" x 2 ⅜", the badge is designed to be clearly visible yet not obstructive, ideal for everyday wear.
  • Patriotic Touch: Includes a beautifully detailed central image of the US flag, promoting a sense of pride and respect.
  • Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials to resist wear and tear, ensuring longevity and maintaining a professional appearance over time.

The Private Security Officer Shield Badge BA38 is more than just a means of identification; it is a symbol of reliability and commitment that reflects the important role of security officers in maintaining safety and order. Whether used in corporate environments, public events, or private settings, this badge serves as a critical tool for security professionals everywhere.

    Private Security Officer Shield Badge Silver/Gold BA38

    $18.95 $29.99 $11.04 Off
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