PhaZZer Enforcer BladeTech Level 2 Retention Duty Holster (Left Hand)

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Product Summary

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer

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PhaZZer Enforcer BladeTech Level 2 Retention Duty Holster (Left Hand)

Designed for the PhaZZer Enforcer CEW Compatible with or without Rail Cam.

  • Military / Law Enforcement Grade
  • Level 2 Secure Retention
  • Thermo Molded Body
  • Two-piece, riveted, outer shell
  • Closed on three sides
  • Attached a singular active safety lock (disengaged with the thumb)
  • Available for right or left-handed users
  • Hand made in the USA
  • MOLLE Compatible
Safety Systems: One active safety system and one passive safety system. Active Safety System: It must be disengaged by the lateral motion of the thumb pushing on the release strap as the hand achieves a master grip on the CEW while in the holster. This fluid motion releases the retention strap from the back of the weapon, releasing it to the side and out of the way.  With retention straps out of the way, this allows for instant access to the CEW and a swift, intrinsic draw of the CEW if needed. The integrated safety lock, which is disengaged by the strap that is within thumb reach on the inside of the holster, can be disengaged as needed.  If the safety lock is not disengaged, the CEW cannot be drawn from the holster under any circumstances. Passive Safety System: The holster is molded to the exact shape of the Phazzer Enforcer CEW and offers passive retention while still allowing for an easy but deliberate draw from any carry position. Once the level 2 safety lock is disengaged and the CEW is drawn from the holster, it could be re-holstered fully and the passive safety lock will become activated automatically. With passive retention utilized it is still possible to still draw the weapon immediately under the same conditions previously described. Covered areas and weapon protection inside the holster: The LED, cartridge, and front sight are all covered by the holster. The trigger guard is covered by the holster.  The holster is designed to provide protection from objects being inserted into the trigger guard. These precautions help avoid circumstances in which an accidental discharge can occur while the CEW is holstered. Once holstered, the weapon will not move or rattle, and is held securely. Carry angle and draw: Holster has the capability to change its angle of inclination, customizing the needs and anthropometry of the user. The holster can be worn on the belt in a straight pull, barrel forward, or FBI (master grip forward) cant.  Holster also comfortably fits virtually all duty belts in use today. Finish: Holster is a semi-matte black color that is consistent and uniform.  The material used is manufactured to prevent discoloration or from becoming spotty. All material used in the manufacturing of the holster is finished appropriately; the parts are polished to remove rough edges or unevenness. Any metallic elements to be incorporated are free of burrs, sharp edges, and are not broken, misshapen, or show evidence of corrosion.

PhaZZer Enforcer BladeTech Level 2 Retention Duty Holster (Left Hand)

$69.99 $79.99 $10.00 Off