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Lyman Products Range Kit - Pistol Starter Set 7837820

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Product Summary

Essential Handgun Starter Kit .380/9mm/.38 Spec./.357

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Country of Origin: CN



Unlock Excellence with the Lyman Products Range Kit - Elevating Uniforms for Police Officers, EMS, and Firefighters

Welcome to WCuniforms, your one-stop online store committed to providing top-notch uniforms for professionals in law enforcement, emergency medical services (EMS), and firefighting. We understand the importance of reliable gear in these high-stakes professions, and that's why we are excited to introduce the Lyman Products Range Kit - Pistol Starter Set.
The Essence of Lyman Products Range Kit

  1. Precision Craftsmanship: Lyman has a rich legacy of crafting high-quality products for firearms enthusiasts, and the Range Kit lives up to this standard. Each piece is meticulously designed for durability and functionality, ensuring it meets the stringent requirements of professionals.
  2. Comprehensive Pistol Starter Set: This kit is a game-changer for police officers, EMS personnel, and firefighters who rely on pistols as part of their essential gear. It includes everything needed to kickstart your pistol training regimen.
Key Features

1. Durable Holster
The Range Kit includes a rugged, yet comfortable, holster crafted to withstand the demanding conditions faced by law enforcement and emergency responders. The holster provides quick and secure access to your pistol when every second counts.
2. Versatile Magazine Pouch
Keep your magazines organized and easily accessible with the included magazine pouch. Its versatile design accommodates various magazine sizes, ensuring you're always prepared for any situation.
3. Eye and Ear Protection
Safety is paramount in high-pressure situations. The Range Kit incorporates quality eye and ear protection gear, safeguarding professionals from potential hazards during training exercises.
4. Cleaning Supplies
Maintain peak performance with the included cleaning supplies. A clean pistol is a reliable pistol, and this kit ensures that your sidearm is always in optimal condition.
5. Carrying Bag for Convenience
Transporting your gear has never been easier. The Range Kit comes with a dedicated carrying bag, offering a convenient and organized way to take your essentials wherever duty calls.
Why Lyman Products Range Kit?

  • Trusted Brand: Lyman has earned a reputation for excellence in firearm accessories, making the Range Kit a reliable choice for professionals who demand the best.
  • Enhanced Training Experience: Elevate your training sessions with a kit designed to enhance your skills and readiness. The Range Kit provides the tools needed to hone your pistol proficiency.
At WCuniforms, we are dedicated to equipping police officers, EMS personnel, and firefighters with the finest gear available. The Lyman Products Range Kit - Pistol Starter Set stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Elevate your uniform and training regimen with this exceptional kit, and trust that you're getting the best for those who serve and protect.

Lyman Products Range Kit - Pistol Starter Set 7837820

$33.95 $42.95 $9.00 Off