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Lightning Powder The Breeze Single-Use Disposable Fiberglass Brush 1-0300

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Product Summary

The Breezeª 1-0300 from Lightning Powder is a single-use, disposable fiberglass brush designed for latent print collection at crime scenes. Sealed, UV sterilized, and featuring Zephyr¨ ultra-soft fibers, it is ideal for preventing cross-contamination.

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Lightning Powder Breeze™ Single-Use Disposable Fiberglass Brush 1-0300 - Your Perfect Partner in Crime Scene Investigation

High-Quality and Contamination-Free

Introducing the Lightning Powder Breeze™ Fiberglass Brush. Designed for single-use, this disposable latent print brush is your perfect partner in crime scene investigation. A staple in the field, this brush ensures zero cross-contamination, essential for forensic accuracy. The Breeze™ is tailored with ultra-soft fibers, just like the fibers used in our Zephyr® fingerprint brush, providing you with high-quality and reliable results. However, the Breeze™ is designed with fewer fibers, making it a more cost-effective disposable option.

High Ethical Standards and Packaging

Each Breeze™ brush is individually packaged, guaranteeing it arrives at your crime scene untainted. The brushes are sealed and sterilized using UV and Ethylene Oxide (EtO) to negate the possibility of the introduction of outside contaminants. This meticulous sterilizing process ensures that each brush is clean, safe, and ready to use in any investigation scene.

Seamless Usage and Disposal

Using the Breeze™ Fiberglass Brush simplifies the process of picking up and preserving latent prints at crime scenes. Once the evidence is collected, the brush can be easily disposed of, eliminating any risk of secondary contamination. Alternatively, it can also be packaged and submitted with other evidence for further investigations. This straightforward design makes it a trusted partner for Police Officers, Corrections Officers, State Troopers, Forensic Evidence Technicians, and Detectives worldwide.

  • Single-use, disposable latent print brush
  • Individually sealed and UV sterilized
  • Can be utilized then disposed of or submitted with evidence collection
  • Uses the same ultra-soft fibers as the Zephyr® fingerprint brush
  • Ideal for law enforcement officers and forensic technicians

Lightening Powder Breeze™ Single-Use Disposable Fiberglass Brush isn't just a tool - it's an investment in ensuring the integrity of your crime scene investigations. Get yours now, and step into a world where the pursuit of justice is easier, more efficient, and above all, more accurate.

Lightning Powder The Breeze Single-Use Disposable Fiberglass Brush 1-0300

$4.95 $5.99 $1.04 Off