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Identicator PreScan Fingerprint Enhancing Pad 3" x 4.5" PS 30

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Product Summary

The 3"x 4.5" Identicator Fingerprint Enhancing Prescan Pad PS 30 showcases a ridge-enhancing technology for perfect fingerprints, even for individuals with worn or light ridge detail. It ensures excellent finger-scanner contact, essential for officers and investigators using "Live Scan" units.

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Identicator PreScan Fingerprint Enhancing Pad 3" x 4.5" PS 30 - Perfect for Better Contact and Enhanced Fingerprint Detail on Live Scan Units

Achieve Enhanced Live Scan Fingerprinting Results

Get ideal results every time with the Identicator Fingerprint Enhancing Prescan Pad 3" x 4.5" PS 30. Designed to augment the efficiency of "Live Scan" fingerprinting units, this pad guarantees perfect fingerprints by overcoming common problematic factors such as worn ridge detail and inadequate skin-scanner contact. By introducing an innovative ridge-enhancing formula, it highpoints the fingerprint detail, making even the lightest details crystal clear.

Remarkably Efficient and User-Friendly Accessory

The PreScan Fingerprint Enhancers stand as an excellent aid for professionals in law enforcement, detective agencies, and security services. It utilizes a special ceramic pad that applies the optimum amount of solution to the skin, ensuring superb contact between the finger and the scanner. This pad guarantees an effortless, precise, and flawless fingerprinting experience, no matter the condition of the user’s fingerprints.

Durable and Versatile Fingerprinting Improvement Tool

This 3" x 4.5" Prescan Pad is not only superbly effective but also has the durability you need in any high-pressure role. It will not dry out, ensuring it stays effective use after use. With its wide range of uses, the Enhancing Prescan Pad is perfect not only for Police Officers, Probation Officers, and Detectives, but also for Security Guards, Background Investigators, Bounty Hunters, Military Police, Police Academy Recruits, Private Investigators, and Loss Prevention Agents.

Key Features:

  • Enhances fingerprint detail in "Live Scan" digital fingerprint units
  • Improves skin-to-scanner contact
  • Accentuates light ridge detail
  • Durable and doesn't dry out
  • Perfect for a wide range of professional roles
  • Measures 3" x 4.5"
Upgrade your forensic toolkits and make every print count with the Identicator Fingerprint Enhancing Prescan Pad 3" x 4.5" PS 30. It’s an essential accessory for all law enforcement and security professionals that ensures consistent, high-quality fingerprint results. **Shop now and take the insecurity out of fingerprinting.** UPC: 844272031641 MPN: 1007823 Model: PS 30

Identicator PreScan Fingerprint Enhancing Pad 3" x 4.5" PS 30

$99.95 $105.79 $5.84 Off
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