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Gould & Goodrich TELR X4000 Light Bearing Holster w/ Duty Belt - Weave Finish

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Gould & Goodrich TELR X4000 Light Bearing Holster w/ Duty Belt - Weave Finish

The TELR Level 3 Duty Holster provides the security that you need with the speed that you demand. The thumb-activated hood and ejection port releases are conducive to obtaining a proper shooter's grip and avoid any unnecessary use of the shooter's trigger operating finger. Single piece, injection molded holster body provides a strong platform for the law enforcement environment. Contemporary, sleek exterior design and non-abrasive interior. Innovative rattle-suppression technology reduces movement and associated noise while the weapon is holstered. Designed to work in all weather conditions with moisture and debris-shedding interior features. Push down, rotate forward hood. Auto-locking with audible confirmation. Constructed from duty-durable, impact-resistant, injection-molded materials. Fits available for Glock 19, 17, 45, 20, 21; and Sig Sauer Compact/Carry, Full size, and X5 Models with TLR 1, X300, and similar lights.

  • Thumb-activated hood and ejection port releases
  • Single piece, injection molded holster body
  • Non-abrasive interior
  • Innovative rattle-suppression technology reduces movement and associated noise
  • Push down, rotate forward hood
  • Auto-locking with audible confirmation
  • Duty-durable, impact-resistant, injection-molded materials
768574265255 X4000-19HO-1WLH GG-X4000-19HO-1WLH Glock 19 Left Hood/Optic Ready
768574262056 X4000-17H-1W GG-X4000-17H-1W Glock 17 Right Hood
768574265323 X4000-19N-1WLH GG-X4000-19N-1WLH Glock 19 Left No Hood
768574265217 X4000-19H-1WLH GG-X4000-19H-1WLH Glock 19 Left Hood
768574264838 X4000-17NO-1WLH GG-X4000-17NO-1WLH Glock 17 Left No Hood/Optic Ready
768574264821 X4000-17NO-1W GG-X4000-17NO-1W Glock 17 Right No Hood/Optic Ready
768574263787 X4000-09FHO-1W GG-X4000-09FHO-1W Sig Sauer P320 Right Hood/Optic Ready
768574263794 X4000-09FNO-1W GG-X4000-09FNO-1W Sig Sauer P320 Right No Hood/Optic Ready
768574263381 X4000-17HO-1WLH GG-X4000-17HO-1WLH Glock 17 Left Hood/Optic Ready
768574265316 X4000-19N-1W GG-X4000-19N-1W Glock 19 Right No Hood
768574262063 X4000-17H-1WLH GG-X4000-17H-1WLH Glock 17 Left Hood
768574265354 X4000-19NO-1W GG-X4000-19NO-1W Glock 19 Right No Hood/Optic Ready
768574263770 X4000-09CNO-1W GG-X4000-09CNO-1W Sig Sauer P320C Right No Hood/Optic Ready
768574265262 X4000-19HO-1W GG-X4000-19HO-1W Glock 19 Right Hood/Optic Ready
768574264777 X4000-17N-1WLH GG-X4000-17N-1WLH Glock 17 Left No Hood
768574265200 X4000-19H-1W GG-X4000-19H-1W Glock 19 Right Hood
768574264760 X4000-17N-1W GG-X4000-17N-1W Glock 17 Right No Hood
768574266283 X4000-21HO-1W GG-X4000-21HO-1W Glock 21 Right Hood/Optic Ready
768574263374 X4000-17HO-1W GG-X4000-17HO-1W Glock 17 Right Hood/Optic Ready
768574266276 X4000-21H-1W GG-X4000-21H-1W Glock 21 Right Hood
768574263763 X4000-09CHO-1W GG-X4000-09CHO-1W Sig Sauer P320C Right Hood/Optic Ready
768574265361 X4000-19NO-1WLH GG-X4000-19NO-1WLH Glock 19 Left No Hood/Optic Ready

Gould & Goodrich TELR X4000 Light Bearing Holster w/ Duty Belt - Weave Finish

$110.95 $145.00 $34.05 Off
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