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Gould & Goodrich Handcuff Case B870

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Product Summary

The Gould & Goodrich Handcuff Case B870 is a compact, user-friendly accessory for law enforcement, offering quick access to ASP cuffs. It features an easy-on, easy-off paddle, durable deep-molded leather exterior, and stylish, professional design.

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Gould & Goodrich Handcuff Case B870
The Gould & Goodrich Handcuff Case B870 is a compact and easy-to-use essential for law enforcement professionals and security personnel. Designed for ASP cuffs, it offers the perfect blend of convenience and quality. This handcuff case features an easy-on, easy-off paddle, giving users the advantage of quick access in time-sensitive situations. It's not just its functionality that makes it stand out, however. The fine aesthetics are a proud testament to the Gold Line, a range renowned for offering the finest quality leather concealment products.
Authentic Leather Quality

The Gould & Goodrich Handcuff Case B870 belongs to the Gold Line, marking its upper-tier quality. Manufactured from deep-molded and finely polished leather, the handcuff case is tough, durable, and built for longevity. It exudes a premium feel that's immediately noticeable to the touch. Quality stitching and impeccable craftsmanship add further value to this accessory. Painted black, it radiates an elegant and professional vibe that aligns well with the day-to-day tasks of law enforcement.

User-friendly Design

The Handcuff Case B870 is specifically designed with user convenience in mind. It features a handy easy-on, easy-off paddle that allows you to store and retrieve your handcuffs in virtually no time. This intelligent design aspect makes the handcuff case a reliable partner in time-critical scenarios when every second counts. The compact size of the case allows it to neatly fit in your hand or pocket, aiding easy transportation and accessibility.

Key features:

  • Belongs to the Gold Line, an exclusive range of top-quality leather concealment products.
  • Deep-molded leather exterior, both durable and attractive.
  • High level of polish gives off a refined and professional vibe.
  • Compact size permits easy transportation.
  • The easy-on, easy-off paddle allows swift access to your handcuffs.
  • Designed specifically for ASP cuffs.
  • Manufactured by Gould & Goodrich, a trusted name in law enforcement accessories.
For those in search of a handcuff case that combines functionality, convenience, and professional aesthetics, the Gould & Goodrich Handcuff Case B870 is an excellent choice. Its top-notch leather quality, user-friendly design, and classy appearance make it standout—and its excellence does not end there. This handcuff case is more than just a storage accessory; it is an integral piece of equipment that can empower you to carry out your duties more efficiently.

Gould & Goodrich Handcuff Case B870

$37.95 $48.94 $10.99 Off
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