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Fox Labs International Mean Green Defense Spray 1.5 oz. 6% OC Flip Top Stream Pattern 156MGS

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Product Summary

Fox Labs International Mean Green Defense Spray (1.5 oz) combines the stopping power of FOX Labs formula with a purified resin, enabling addition of a green dye for assailant identification. With a 15-18 feet reach, it's water-based, taser-safe, and non-flammable.

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Fox Labs International Mean Green Defense Spray 1.5 oz. 6% OC Flip Top Stream Pattern 156MGS

This 1.5-ounce unit maintains the legendary stopping power that all FOX LABS formulas are known and recognized for. The resin used in Mean Green™ is so purified it is virtually clear. Not even FOX LABS’ 5.3 million SHU resin used in our famous “FIVE POINT THREE®” formulas are as pure. Because it is so clear, this enabled us to add a green dye to the formula. By doing so this permitted us to offer the extra benefit of a deterrent that makes assailant identification much, much easier.
Stream spray pattern reaches 15 to 18 feet. All MEAN GREEN® formulas are water-based, Taser safe and non-flammable.
  • The size of the unit is 4” High x 1-3/8” Diameter
  • Discharges 16-18 one-half-second bursts
  • Spring-loaded flip top helps prevent accidental discharge
  • Visible green dye for immediate suspect identification.
  • Nonflammable & Taser safe
  • Birthdate on each unit
FOX premium defense sprays provide the fastest-acting and most reliable formulas available.
The primary benefits of discharging a greater volume per burst are increasing your odds of hitting your assailant in the face and eyes with the incredible FOX formula, thereby stopping them faster. Remember, no matter how good the formula, if you do not hit the subject in the face and eyes, you greatly reduce your chances of stopping them as fast as you would like to do.
So, your decision is this: do you want a product that sounds good, or one that performs great? It is your safety and your choice. If you do a bit more research you will find that FOX LABS has earned their reputation through proven performance (not by offering things that just “sound” good).
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Fox Labs International Mean Green Defense Spray 1.5 oz. 6% OC Flip Top Stream Pattern 156MGS

$19.99 $21.99 $2.00 Off
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