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Dark Storm Industries DS-15 Carbine 3.0 oz Buffer DSI-BFR-C556

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Product Summary

6061 Aluminum Body MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 1 Hardcoat Anodized High Durometer Red Polyurethane Bumper 4140 Steel Dead Blow Weights EPDM Weight Spacers Stainless Steel Coil Type Roll Pin Engraved Face Showing Weight For carbine length buffer systems

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Country of Origin: US



Introducing the Dark Storm Industries DS-15 Carbine 3.0 oz Buffer – the ultimate enhancement for your AR-15 platform. Engineered with precision and built for performance, this buffer is the ideal addition for law enforcement officers, EMS personnel, firefighters, and paramedics who rely on their firearms day in and day out. Designed for Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, this DS-15 Carbine buffer is built to withstand the rigors of demanding tactical situations. It's precisely machined to ensure a perfect fit and reliable function, even in the most challenging environments. You can trust it to perform when it matters most. Optimized Performance: The 3.0 oz weight of this buffer is carefully calibrated to provide optimal recoil management and muzzle control. Whether you're engaging targets at the range or responding to a critical incident, this buffer contributes to improved accuracy and faster follow-up shots. It minimizes recoil, allowing for quicker target acquisition and increased on-target performance. Smooth Cycling: The DS-15 Carbine buffer ensures smooth and consistent cycling of your AR-15. It helps reduce felt recoil, muzzle rise, and bolt bounce, allowing you to stay on target and maintain control of your firearm. This buffer is a critical component in achieving reliable and consistent semi-automatic or automatic fire. Easy Installation: Installing the DS-15 Carbine 3.0 oz Buffer is a breeze. It's a drop-in replacement for your existing buffer, making it a hassle-free upgrade. You don't need to be a gunsmith to enjoy the benefits of enhanced performance and reliability. Simply swap out your old buffer for this one, and you're good to go. Trusted by Professionals: Dark Storm Industries is a trusted name in the firearms industry, known for producing high-quality components and accessories. Law enforcement agencies, EMS teams, and firefighters across the country rely on DS-15 products for their durability and performance. When lives are on the line, you can count on DS-15. In Conclusion: Elevate your AR-15's performance with the Dark Storm Industries DS-15 Carbine 3.0 oz Buffer. This buffer is engineered for durability, optimized for performance, and trusted by professionals in the field. Whether you're a police officer, EMS responder, firefighter, or paramedic, this upgrade is a smart choice to enhance your firearm's reliability and accuracy. Invest in your gear, invest in your safety – choose DS-15. Upgrade your AR-15 today with the DS-15 Carbine 3.0 oz Buffer and experience the difference it makes in your shooting experience. Trust in Dark Storm Industries for quality, reliability, and performance when it matters most. Order yours now and stay ahead of the curve with the best in the industry.

Dark Storm Industries DS-15 Carbine 3.0 oz Buffer DSI-BFR-C556

$19.95 $21.99 $2.04 Off
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