Blue Training Guns By Rings

Blue Training Guns By Rings Springfield Micro Compact 1911

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Product Summary

The Blue Training Guns by Rings provides realistic firearms simulators for effective training. Crafted to exact firearm dimensions, these replicas, like Springfield Micro Compact 1911, are made from high-impact polyurethane and steel, ideal for law enforcement and military use.
**If the item is displayed as "Out of stock" or "Backordered" the expected turnaround time to manufacture and ship is 5-10 business days for 5 pieces or less. 6 or more pieces typically take 30-45 days**

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Ultra-Realistic Blue Training Guns By Rings: Springfield Micro Compact 1911 Replica - Perfect for Law Enforcement & Military Training, Gun Enthusiasts and Self-defenders

An Ideal Training Tool for Professionals and Enthusiasts Alike

Rings Manufacturing has a reputation for excellence that spans several decades, dedicating its craft to providing first-rate firearm simulators and training devices. The company's BLUEGUNS serve both the civilian and professional sect, offering law enforcement, military trainers, and self-defense practitioners a realistic representation of the weapons they purportedly mimic. Even holster and accessories manufacturers have come to depend on Rings Blueguns to synchronize, display and demonstrate their products.

Exceptional Craftsmanship for Perfection

The Springfield Micro Compact 1911, meticulously modeled by Rings, stands as the epitome of perfection. Fashioned from high-impact polyurethane, this training replica showcases unprecedented durability. It's been enhanced with steel reinforcing to withstand bending and flexing, ensuring the tool’s long-lastingness. Given its accurate size, dimensions, handling, and balance, this simulator mirrors the live weapon it represents. Color options include Law Enforcement Blue or Black, with a choice between a weighted or non-weighted version.

Broad Applicability for Varied Users

The Springfield Micro Compact 1911 training gun is an indispensable tool, its relevance spreads across an array of professionals. Police Officers, Court Bailiffs, Corrections Officers, Probation Officers, State Troopers, Sheriff's Deputies, Detectives, and Armed Security Officers find it a valuable companion. Its utility also extends to Bounty Hunters/Bail Enforcement, Military personnel, and Police Academy Recruits. With its safety and realistic feel, this product is equally useful for gun enthusiasts and self-defenders to hone their skills without the risks associated with live firearms.

Key Features:

  • Authentic-looking firearm simulator by Rings Manufacturing
  • Crafted from high-impact polyurethane with steel reinforcement
  • Realistic alternative to live weapons for training
  • Mirrors the handling and balance of a Springfield Micro Compact 1911
  • Suitable for use by various professionals and self-defenders
  • Available in Law Enforcement Blue or Black, weighted or non-weighted versions

Having the look and feel of your actual personal firearm without the associated risks is paramount, and that's what you get with Rings Blueguns. Don't compromise your training and safety. **Order your Springfield Micro Compact 1911 training gun today!**







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Blue Training Guns By Rings Springfield Micro Compact 1911

$63.95 $67.99 $4.04 Off