Blue Training Guns By Rings

Blue Training Guns By Rings Remington 870

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Product Summary

Rings' Authentic Blue Training Guns are Remington 870 replicas perfect for superior tactical training and firearms display. Crafted to the exact size of the actual firearm, these durable, high-impact polyurethane simulations are used by law enforcement and military trainers.
**If the item is displayed as "Out of stock" or "Backordered" the expected turnaround time to manufacture and ship is 5-10 business days for 5 pieces or less. 6 or more pieces typically take 30-45 days**

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Country of Origin: US



Authentic Blue Training Guns by Rings - Remington 870 Replicas for Superior Tactical Training and Firearms Display

Unrivalled Authenticity

Discover the unique blend of accuracy and durability with the Authentic Blue Training Guns by Rings. For decades, Rings Manufacturing has stood at the helm of firearms simulations and training device production. Catering to a comprehensive clientele ranging from civilians to law enforcement and military trainers, Rings establishes unsurpassed quality. The Blue Guns, synonymous with precision, replicate the exact size and dimensions of the represented firearms. Their remarkable similarity has made these replicas the top choice for holster and accessories manufacturers to showcase their products.

Premium Quality and Durability

Crafted with high-impact polyurethane, these training guns exhibit supreme endurance, standing as the most durable firearm training aids in the market. The use of impact-resistant polyurethane compounded with steel reinforcement safeguards the training guns from bending and flexing. Now optimize your training sessions with tools that invariably mimic the look and feel of your personal firearm. Experience the genuinely unparalleled Rings Blueguns.

Versatile and Realistic Design

The Authentic Blue Training Guns provide a safe and realistic alternative to live weapons during training scenarios, assuring the handling and balance of real weapons. These replicas come in different styles: Law Enforcement Blue or Black, Weighted or non-weighted Remington 870, ready to cater to all your needs. These training guns are perfect for a vast array of professional profiles including Police Officers, Court Bailiffs, Correction Officers, State Troopers, Armed Security Officers, Police Academy Recruits, and even self-defenders and gun enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • Exacting replication of the size and dimensions of represented firearms
  • High-impact, durable polyurethane build
  • Steel reinforcement to prevent bending and flexing
  • Realistic feel and handling
  • Available in Law Enforcement Blue or Black
  • Weighted or non-weighted Remington 870 designs
  • Suited for a range of professional and civilian users

Indulge in training like never before with the Authentic Blue Training Guns by Rings. Embrace exceptional performance, durability, and realistic feel in one comprehensive package. Hurry, order your Remington 870 replica today for a tactical training experience like no other. The next level of firearms training is just a click away!







FS870WB BT-FS870WB Black Yes N US
FS870B BT-FS870B Black No N US
FS870 BT-FS870 Blue No Y US
FS870W BT-FS870W Blue Yes N US

Blue Training Guns By Rings Remington 870

$260.95 $276.99 $16.04 Off