BLACKHAWK! Serpa Level 2 Duty Holster 44H0 for Glock/S&W/Colt/Sig/Beretta

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BLACKHAWK! Serpa Level 2 Duty Holster 44H0

Based on our popular SERPA Tactical Holster, this jacket-slot belt-loop version gives both the tactical operative and patrol officer the option of SERPA retention and speed in a duty-style holster. Whether worn as part of your duty rig or as a belt-mounted holster for tactical use, you get the same great SERPA technology with this Level 2 duty holster. Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA Auto Lock release Reinforces full master grip and superior draw technique Immediate retention and audible click upon re-holster for security Full-length holster body protects rear sights Reduced gun profile supports community-friendly look Same drawing technique for undercover, tactical, and duty Includes angle-adjustable jacket-slot belt loop Mid-ride and high-ride belt loops also available;
  • Adjustable tension screw for custom fit on firearm
  • Full-length design protects rear sights from damage
  • Jacket Slot Duty Belt Loop fits belt without removing other gear
Gun Fit 0 - Glock 17/19/22/23/31/32 (Not Gen 5 .40) and S&W M&P 9/.40 Gun Fit 03 - Colt 1911 Government and most clones Gun Fit 04 - Gun Fit- Beretta 92/96/M9/M9A1/96A1 (Not Elite/Brig) Gun Fit 06 - Sig Sauer P220/225/226/228/229 Gun Fit 08 - Sig Pro 2022 Gun Fit 13 - Glock 20/21/21SF/37/38 M&P Gin Fit 26 - Glock 21SF with 1913 Rail Gun Fit 61 - Sig P320/P250 Gun Fit - Glock 21SF Larger 1913 Rail Only
648018032561 44H004BK-R BH-44H004BK-R Matte 4 Right
648018107986 44H015BK-R BH-44H015BK-R Matte 15 Right
648018117794 44H015BW-L BH-44H015BW-L Basket Weave 15 Left
604544634259 44H061BKR BH-44H061BKR-R Matte 61 Right
648018107993 44H015BW-R BH-44H015BW-R Basket Weave 15 Right
648018032516 44H003BK-R BH-44H003BK-R Matte 3 Right
648018032585 44H006BK-R BH-44H006BK-R Matte 6 Right
648018032493 44H000BK-R BH-44H000BK-R Matte 0 Right
648018032509 44H003BK-L BH-44H003BK-L Matte 3 Left
648018093760 44H026BK-R BH-44H026BK-R Matte 26 Right
648018127465 44H008BK-L BH-44H008BK-L Matte 8 Left
648018117244 44H015BK-L BH-44H015BK-L Matte 15 Left
648018032578 44H006BK-L BH-44H006BK-L Matte 6 Left
648018032486 44H000BK-L BH-44H000BK-L Matte 0 Left

BLACKHAWK! Serpa Level 2 Duty Holster 44H0 for Glock/S&W/Colt/Sig/Beretta

$77.95 $94.95 $17.00 Off
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