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Angstadt Arms AR-15 9mm Bolt Carrier Assembly

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Introducing the Angstadt Arms AR-15 9mm Bolt Carrier Assembly – the pinnacle of reliability and performance for law enforcement professionals, EMS personnel, firefighters, and paramedics. Designed to meet the unique demands of those who serve and protect, this bolt carrier assembly ensures that your firearm operates flawlessly when it matters most. Crafted with precision engineering, the Angstadt Arms 9mm Bolt Carrier Assembly is optimized for 9mm AR-15 platforms. It's a vital component in converting your AR-15 to reliably fire 9mm rounds. With every shot, you'll experience the confidence that comes from knowing your firearm is engineered to perform under pressure. Durability is paramount in critical situations, and this bolt carrier assembly delivers. Constructed from high-quality materials, it's built to withstand the rigors of law enforcement and emergency response duties. This rugged design ensures that your firearm remains in top condition for years of service. The Angstadt Arms 9mm Bolt Carrier Assembly is easy to install, allowing you to maintain and upgrade your firearm with minimal effort. Its user-friendly design enhances the overall functionality of your AR-15, providing smooth cycling and consistent performance. Trust in the reliability, durability, and precision of Angstadt Arms – a brand synonymous with excellence in firearm components. Whether you're a police officer, EMS responder, firefighter, or paramedic, you can count on this bolt carrier assembly to meet and exceed your expectations. Elevate your tactical capabilities and invest in the Angstadt Arms AR-15 9mm Bolt Carrier Assembly. When duty calls, you'll be ready with a firearm that performs at its peak, ensuring your ability to protect and serve your community effectively. Shop now to experience the difference for yourself.
  • Machined from 8620 alloy steel with a QPQ black nitride finish
  • Compatible with both For Glock and Colt AR-15 magazines
  • For use with a standard AR-15 hammer
  • Features removable weight for use with Law Tactical folding stock adapter
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853427007226 AA45BCGNIT ANG-AA45BCGNIT .45 ACP
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Angstadt Arms AR-15 9mm Bolt Carrier Assembly

$170.95 $179.99 $9.04 Off